About me

Hello Everyone !
My name is Sneha. I am 32 year old.  I am from Nagpur and I have a lovely family. I have done my bachelor of engineering degree in computer science from Nagpur University.  I am hard working , quick learner, self motivated and multi tasker. My hobbies are singing, playing badminton and listening music. I received an award in singing competition.
I am women who is passionate about the lifestyle. The start of new year brings with new resolutions to improve everyone’s life including healthier lifestyle. A ” healthy lifestyle”  simply means doing things that make you feel good and happy. Health and wellness has become a hot topic in today’s world. Fitness and wellness blogs are a great way to stay inform and be inspired when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.
Good health can be several ways. Weight, emotional well-being, fitness and being disease and injury free are just a few of those measures.
Healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of various disease including those that may run in your family.   The healthier you are the less likely you will have to see a doctor this could save money by reducing the need for prescription and other treatment . Basic healthy habits are connected with living a longer life.  Accelerate your healthcare innovation and improves people’s live world-wide.
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